Community Impact Bucks
Community Impact Bucks now provides a funding blog which community groups can  subscribe to, to receive the latest information about grants available nationally. 


Nan and Jacks is a charity operating within Newport Pagnell for older people in real need.  If you know of anyone in desperate economic straights, please contact the Town Clerk on, who will refer your query to the charity.  


The Newport Pagnell Educational Trust provides assistance to those parents strugging to get their children through primary or secondary education or to deserving students in tertiary education.  Small grants can be made for tuition fees, or other schooling related expenses such as uniforms, books, travelling etc.  A new small fund is also available specifically to assist music students with the purchase of instruments.  To obtain an application form please contact the Secretary at, The Parish Office, St Peter & St Paul church, High Street, Newport Pagnell, MK16 8AR or send an email to


 The Town Council offers small grants to volunteer/charitable organisations operating within Newport Pagnell only. Please apply to the Town Clerk by email on   

The Town Council also offers small grants to individuals and groups who would like to improve public amenity space by planting up a public area, such as on a road verge, a park, an open space, etc.  Please apply to the Town Clerk by email on  

WREN is fully committed to the provision of grants under the terms and conditions of the Landfill Communities Fund (formerly the Landfill Tax Credit Scheme). By doing so we aim to enhance the social environment, natural conservation and heritage aspects of the world in which we live and create a beneficial and lasting legacy for future generations.
Funding is limited and not all requests for grant support can be satisfied. Project applications which demonstrate self help, viability, sustainability and offer benefits to large numbers of people receive priority for funding.

To find out more about what WREN does and most importantly how WREN funding might benefit you and your community, please spend a few moments exploring our website.

The Harry Middleton Gift Fund 
Harry Middleton was born in 1883, originally living in Caldecote Street.  When still young he emigrated to Canada where he made his money in gold mining.  He died in January 1966 leaving no children, and was buried in the old cemetery.

After a somewhat chequered history with the local and borough councils, the investments were returned to the town in March 1978 and the formal deed of trust for the now named Harry Middleton Gift Fund was agreed with the Charity Commissioners.

Applications for a grant are always discussed and considered very carefully by the trustees with regard to the original terms of the trust deed.  The primary consideration is whether the benefit will be almost entirely for the residents of Newport Pagnell.

The official interpretation of the Gift precludes the making of grants to individuals or for items that would normally be the responsibility of local councils financed from taxes.  Grants are not available to other charitable organisations which are set up to raise and distribute funds, only to end user organisations.

Grants are normally only given for items of a capital nature which will have an ongoing benefit to residents of the town, although in some instances other expenditure can qualify.  If Trustees are aware of other sources of funds  applicants are asked in the first instance to apply there and then come back as a  Trust grant could prevent the applicant having access to these other funds or reduce the amount available from that source.

Any application should be supported by proper estimates where applicable and accompanied by the latest set of accounts of the applying organisation. 

If you feel that your requirement falls within these guidelines, please request a form and return it to David Kirkbright at the address on the form.  If in doubt either contact David Kirkbright direct who will discuss is with you, or complete and return the form.  Nothing is lost by applying!
Tel: 01908 611650 Email:

Milton Keynes Community Foundation 
This organisation offers grants to voluntary organisations for the promotion of their activities.  Acorn House, 381 Midsummer Boulevard, Central Milton Keynes, MK9 3HP
Tel: 01908 690276 Fax: 01908 233635 Email: