Newport Pagnell Partnership

Newport Pagnell is a great place, and our aim is to make it an even better town in which to live, work and visit.

The Newport Pagnell Partnership is made up of representatives of many local organisations who work together for the benefit of the town. It is available to support individuals and groups wanting to start projects of benefit to Newport Pagnell. 


How the Partnership evolved

You may be interested to know how the Partnership came about. During the 1990s there was a growing concern in Newport Pagnell about the influence the growth of neighbouring Milton Keynes was having on the shops and businesses in the town. It was decided that action had to be taken and interested parties came together to set this in motion. It was decided to form a body called the Newport Pagnell Partnership and its primary aim was to decide the best way forward to regenerate the town’s High Street. Eventually through grants and support from Milton Keynes Council and Newport Town Council the regeneration took place.

Now after five phases of this process the High Street is in a healthy position and can boast a thriving shopping centre many other towns would die for. While all this was proceeding, the Partnership set up working groups to tackle other aspects that it felt needed attention. The Partnership rely on donations and voluntary help to carry out the work that they do and they always welcome new volunteers, however much or little they can offer us, to join their working groups