Bee Hives at Lakes Lane Allotments 

We now have a bee hive in place just off the car park area at Lakes Lane Allotments. It is on the site behind locked gates and away from the public.  Contact telephone numbers are given below.

There are two benefits from keeping bees.  Early pollination, germination and propagation of allotment holder's vegetables and plants.

Plus the added benefit of assisting to stop the decline of the Honey Bee in the UK and in turn assist the ecology of our planet. 


Further information for the allotment holder

Anyone known to have allergies are reminded that it is their responsibility to ensure that they carry their medication at all times.

Dogs, as per your tenancy agreement with us, should remain on a lead at all times and children should be supervised at all times. 



Bee Keeper - Contact numbers


There is a help line number available should you have any queries regarding the bees and a mobile number should you have any urgent matters out of office hours.


These are as follows:-


General Bee Enquiries / Newport Pagnell Town Council   01908 618756


Emergencies / Newport Pagnell Town Council

Monday - Friday 9.30am to 4.30 pm                                   01908 618756

Emergency / Bee Keeper - Ed Reiney                                07799 636740

Out of office hours only           

Please note that our Bee Keeper can only assist you with emergencies relating to the Bee Hive at Lakes Lane Allotments.