Mayor of Newport Pagnell: Councillor Paul Day

Vice Chairman: Councillor Binta Bah-Pokawa

Councillors North Ward

Cllr Hornblow, Cllr Oyakhire, Cllr Kitchen, Cllr Gage, Cllr Pearson and Cllr Winsor

Councillors South Ward

Cllr Bah-Pokawa, Cllr Clarke, Cllr Day, Cllr Henderson, Cllr Lombardo, Cllr Carman, Cllr Garner, Cllr Langridge and Cllr Anne Butler. One vacancy

North Ward (6 Councillors)

South Ward (10 Councillors)

Allowances for Councillors

The following Councillors receive the allowance of £727.68 per year:

  • Binta Bah-Pokawa
  • Roger Clarke
  • Philip Gage
  • Diane Kitchen
  • Roger Hornblow
  • Mark Lombardo
  • Phil Winsor

These expenses are for travelling, printing and stationery.

The Mayor receives a Mayoral allowance which includes all costs of travelling to Mayoral events.