Statement about Town Council allotments

The Town Council is committed to doing all it can to keep Newport Pagnell as a sustainable town and as previously announced has been exploring the possibility of the Aston Martin Heritage Centre being established here by Aston Martin Heritage Trust (a charity) as an attraction/educational facility which we believe would be a major asset to the town.  We believe that not only would such a facility help safeguard the heritage connection between the world-renowned brand and our town, but also add to our local economy by attracting visitors, who we expect would also spend money in local shops, restaurants and pubs and so support local businesses and the jobs they create.

There is only one possible location being discussed which is on the site currently used for allotments on London Road. These are not statutory allotments, and previously the other part of this site was developed as the houses on Downsfield and Lovat Meadow Close.  We have seen some suggestions for what other sites in town might be used as a location for the heritage centre, but as far as we know none of those landowners have actually offered to provide those sites. Therefore, we believe unless the facility gets built on London Road, then the town will lose the opportunity of hosting the heritage centre. If you’ve ever visited the Lamborghini Museum in Italy or the Porsche Museum in Germany you will be aware of the stature such museums bring to the towns in which they are based.

Though we have been talking to the charity, for some considerable time, it is still not certain that they will proceed with an application, as funds would have to be raised. However, assuming it proceeds, such a development would, of course be subject to a full planning application process and at that stage full details of the proposed development would become available. Comments, support, or objections to any proposal could then be made by residents before the planning authority (MK Council) decide what, if anything, could be built. 

The Town Council will, in this event, serve notice to those who annually hire our London Road allotments and each plot holder would be offered an alternative plot at one of the Town Council’s other allotment sites. There are currently four other sites of allotments in Newport Pagnell, including one site about 250 metres away, on Tickford Street, but of course individual allotment plots become available as and when existing allotment holders move on, and so details of alternative plots will be confirmed in due course. The Town Council is also exploring what level of compensation and support would be appropriate for those plot holders who would have to give up existing plots and move to another.

While the Town Council would of course prefer that we had a site that wouldn’t mean moving the allotment space, we can’t find such an alternative. On balance we believe the benefit to the wider community of a heritage centre would outweigh the loss of those particular allotments.  Town councillors are townsfolk elected to make such difficult decisions, however, we of course welcome and indeed encourage any resident with an opinion about whatever is proposed to contact us to discuss your views and raise any questions.

Separately there is an area of land off Burgess Gardens, which is surrounded by hedging, which was already intended by Milton Keynes Council and the developers of this site to become allotments way back when this park was first built. We have no allotment sites in Green Park and find that most of the demand for sites is on this eastern side of the town, with no demand at all on the other side of town. In fact, we have had vacant plots in the London Road allotment for a long time. We are currently asking residents whose local park is the Burgess Gardens Park for their views on the proposal to place allotments here.

Finally, somebody had recently fixed unauthorised large banners on the allotment fence that surrounds the London Road allotments, and these have been removed by council employees.  These are removed because they don’t have permission to be there, and can be subject to £1,000 fly-postering fines that are issued by the Borough Council. The owner of the banners can arrange to collect them from the Town Council offices.

We hope that helps clarify the situation and once again encourage townsfolk with views on anything in town to contact their local town councillor.  Inevitably the views of townsfolk may differ and sometimes contradict each other, so we know that we cannot always make decisions which everyone supports. However we can and do, promise to listen and consider all views expressed.

There is also a list of 2021 council meeting dates that can be downloaded from our website: along with minutes of previous meetings.

Town Council Meetings

We are holding Full Council meetings, at the Newport Pagnell and District Youth Club in Wolverton Road. To attend you need only to arrive a few minutes in advance of 8 pm, wearing a mask unless you are exempt from doing so. All other meetings are working group meetings, at which decisions are not made. These are being held virtually using Zoom as a platform. If you wish to join the meeting virtually, you can find the agenda by selecting agendas and minutes. When you find the meeting agenda, you will also see instructions on how to join the meeting. Please join up as a Zoom member to do so – it’s free. Use your browser to find and following the joining instructions. Or if you just want to make a comment for members to consider contact the Town Clerk on

To find out what planning applications are being considered please see planning applications.

The 2023 Boundary Review – Intial proposals for new Parliamentary constituency boundaries in the South East region

Documents relating to this proposal will be available to view from 21st June 2021 at the Town Council offices.

Viewing is strictly by appointment only and one person per appointment.

To book an appointment please call 01908 618756.

Invitation to tender opportunity

Click here to find out more information about the tender to replace under surfacing and play equipment within play areas in Newport Pagnell.

Bury Field Common

The Town Council has been approached by several members of the public concerned about the formal notice placed in this week’s Milton Keynes Citizen regarding the “disposal” of Bury Common by Milton Keynes Council.

We can assure residents that this is a necessary notice required because MK Council are enacting the long discussed transfer of the common to Newport Pagnell Town Council under a Community Asset Transfer arrangement (CAT).

There is no planning application for anything on any part of the land which is and will remain designated as “common land” and is managed with the commoner’s association.

The land remains in public ownership but by transferring from the borough to parish(town) council, this places the management of the area closer to the public.  Newport Pagnell Town Council has previously taken on a number of other assets from MK Council on this basis including the vast majority of parks and play areas in town two years ago, this has enabled the town council to improve maintenance and facilities.

Town Mayor, Councillor Paul Day commented “Bury Common is a wonderful open space full of history and accessed directly from our town centre.  I’d encourage anyone who has not visited the common to come and enjoy a walk there and to use the opportunity to also visit our high street where there are fantastic shops and places to eat and drink.  There is always a good reason to be in Newport Pagnell.”

COVID-19 vaccine information

All you need to know about the vaccine in the link below:-

Temporary restrictions to Saxon Gate – COVID-19 test site

Vaccination scams

Action Fraud have sent out the message below in regards to fake NHS vaccination scams. Please take a moment to read. Covid 19 vaccinations are free from the NHS, you will never be asked to pay for it.

NHS Test and Trace app

You will now find a QR code on entry to Portfields Community Centre, Green Park Community Centre and the Youth Club.  This will be displayed on the front door for you to scan on entry to the building.

The app can be downloaded from the link below, this will allow people to report symptoms, order a coronavirus test, and check into venues by scanning a QR code.

NHS Test and Trace app – download here

Works for us

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If you would like to inspect the Town Council accounts please click on the links below for details. You have between 28th June and 6th August 2021 to do so. You may then submit comments to the external auditor if you so wish. If the scanned PDF format of these reports is causing you any difficulties, please contact the Town Council offices to arrange a different viewing option.

Memorial benches

Memorial benches are available to purchase in memory of loved ones. The Town Council can offer several very attractive places for them to be situated. These are:-

  • Ousebank Gardens – in the park area outside of the cemetery
  • Riverside Meadows – along the river
  • Castle Meadows – within the meadows

To arrange for a memorial bench to be erected for a loved one contact the Town Clerk by email on The Town Clerk will arrange for the procurement of the bench, its erection and a suitable memorial plaque.

The cost of a memorial bench is £1,200 which includes erection, regular maintenance including oiling when necessary, and a stainless steel plaque of 12.5cm x 5cm naming the loved one to be remembered. Purchase of a memorial bench will be for the expected life period of the bench only, after which time it will be removed.

Once a bench is erected in a public area, it becomes available for anyone in the public to use. The bench is 150cm wide and seats 3 people. It is made of Oak hardwood and is installed either into the ground or onto a base with suitable fixings.