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Thanks to you we now know where to place new housing in Newport Pagnell. Please see the Neighbourhood Plan article below for site allocations. The next questions are: What type of housing do we need? Do we need more social housing? Do we need more shared ownership homes? Should some housing be reserved for Newport Pagnell residents.  If these questions are important to you, please respond to our survey as below. It will take only minutes of your time.   


From 3rd December you can use Survey Monkey to complete our questionnaire:- 






Newport Pagnell Town Council promised to keep residents informed as soon as we heard anything about Tesco. Tesco have submitted an appeal against refusal of a planning application to increase the comparison goods floor space and that this is likely to delay any further work on the site for a considerable time.



Whatever we do new housing is coming to Newport Pagnell.

Following the last consultation the Town Council, as a result of feedback from residents, the Town Council has amended the Neighbourhood Plan. The following sites have been identified for housing:

   North Crawley Road Industrial Estate 

   Tickford Fields Farm Strategic Reserve Site

   Tickford Fields Farm East Site

   Police Station Site

   Old Mustard Factory Site


 What will the other sites be classified as?

   Land East of Willen Road - Linear Park extension, recreation and further education.

   Marsh End Road/Tongwell Lane - Linear Park extension and recreation.

   Portfields Farm - remain as agricultural

   Kickles Farm - remain as agricultural

   Tesco site - mixed use (depending on store build)

   Bury Common - to remain as common land 

The above will form the core of the Neighbourhood Plan, which will also address infrastructure needs, and sustainable transport. If you broadly agree with this plan, please make sure you vote YES in the Neighbourhood Plan referendum, because the Neighbourhood Plan is the best way to protect those sites not listed for housing.    

Please click here for the Consultation Results 

Please click here for further details of the Consultation  

Please click here for site maps of the Consultation

Please click here for the map of the principle site proposed in the Neighbourhood Plan. 



For a number of years a small group of dedicated gardeners has not only improved the look of the public areas in Newport Pagnell, but has also undertaken all the administration for the Newport Pagnell in Bloom Campaign each year.  This group, lead by John Smith, must be congratulated for everything they have put into the town.  No however, they wish to concentrate only on the physical aspects of gardening, so the Town Council has agreed to take on entry into the Britain in Bloom competition.  In 2014 the Town won a Silver Gilt award, which was no mean feat, given that rules changed and we were placed into a category with towns much larger and better funded than our own.


We are desperately seeking assistance from residents to put together a group who are willing to document all the various activities that take place during the year, from volunteer groups to schools, so as to have a portfolio of evidence available for our next entry into the competition.  If you have basic administrative or media skills, such as writing, taking photographs or videos, or just want to get involved in volunteering for a project that does not necessarily involve much physical labour, we want to hear from you.  Please contact our Town Clerk, Shar Roselman, about this.  TownClerk@newport-pagnell.org.uk or telephone 01908 618756.


Our Town Mayor is donating a new rotating trophy to this project which will for to the prettiest and neatest garden in Newport.  The size of your garden does not matter, the judges will be impartial, and the trophy will be awarded at the Horticultural Show in September next year.  So please keep your green fingers busy, start paging through those enticing gardening catalogues, and get ready to enter the competition in June. 






If you are opening a new business or putting on an event in Newport Pagnell Town and would like to invite our Mayor Councillor Mike Barry along to open the event or attend, please contact the Town Clerk Shar Roselman by email TownClerk@newport-pagnell.org.uk


P R E S S   R E L E A S E

Newport Pagnell Town Council is delighted that the town has once more managed to achieve a Silver Gilt award in this year’s Britain in Bloom, despite the fact that the rules have changed and we have now been placed in a category with much larger towns than our own, most of whom also have much larger budgets with significant numbers of grounds staff working on their project. A great deal of the work undertaken in Newport is done by a small group of volunteers who dedicate their time to ensuring that this project goes ahead, and huge thanks must go to John Smith and the Partnership Gardening Group for their efforts in achieving this prestigious result.

However, commendations must also go to the schools for their contributions, particularly Ousedale School for their outstanding eco-centre, and to Councillor Sidebottom and Simon Baines who manage the all-important horticultural show.

In presenting the award the judges commented as follows: “A real sense of pride was displayed by our hosts. This was clearly well placed with residents doing their bit to add to an already well cared for and welcoming town.” They added that the baskets and tubs provided by the Town Council are magnificent this year, and do much to enhance the High Street, and they were pleased to see that individual contributions from residents and businesses go towards extending these each year.





 If you would like to sponsor a basket the cost is £77.25 per basket.  This covers the cost of the flowers, watering and maintenance. However, even much smaller donations are appreciated.  If you would like to sponsor or would like more information please contact the Town Clerk, by email TownClerk@newport-pagnell.org.uk or telephone 01908 618756.


Names of sponsors will be displayed on the plaque outside the Council Offices and on our website and facebook pages.


Sponsors for 2014

IT Support Line Limited

Rotary Club of Newport Pagnell

John Smith

River Meadow pre-school and out of School Clubs

Middleton Trust  

Tim Coulson 


The Town Council has published the 5 pillars of change for a vision for Newport Pagnell.  These are:

  • Keeping and enhancing the vibrancy of the Town Centre
  • Encouraging more and better events
  • Creating further off-street parking
  • Developing the Town’s Heritage offerings
  • Expanding leisure and sporting facilities in the town.

Please tell us if you agree or disagree that the Town Vision should be built on these "pillars of change."   Email the Town Clerk on TownClerk@newport-pagnell.org.uk

If you wish to be contacted by email for Town Council news and updates pleased contact Janine Wainwright on web@newport-pagnell.org.uk