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Introduction by the Mayor of Newport Pagnell  

To everyone in Newport Pagnell, 



 Welcome to the Neighbourhood Plan.  Although many residents will know something about this Plan, there will be others who have never heard of the Newport Pagnell Neighbourhood Plan. So I’d like to start out by letting you know what a Neighbourhood Plan is.

In a nutshell a few years ago, towns, parishes and communities were given the legal right to formulate a Plan that regulated development in their own area. This was a historical first – up until then we had to rely on our planning authority (Milton Keynes Council) to take all development decisions about our town. The Neighbourhood Plan is our own plan constructed by the Town Council and the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, which included members of the public. It has been through a number of previous consultations with residents and other interested parties, before coming to you now as a completed document. Let’s be clear though, Neighbourhood Plans can only deal with the built environment, i.e. buildings that will physically be built, and the land available for such building. We cannot include solutions in the Plan to stop dog fouling or to obtain more police in the area. The Plan deals with new homes and new business premises.

A common mantra is that we don’t want any new homes in Newport Pagnell – we like it just as it is. That may be the case, but the Milton Keynes Council Core Strategy places a demand on us to have new homes, whether we like it or not. The rural areas have a target of new homes, and as the largest settlement in the rural areas, we will be forced to take the majority. Add to that the fact that Milton Keynes Council is one of the main owners of a very large Strategic Reserve site at Tickford Fields Farm, and we can be sure that new housing is coming to the town.

The challenge then was not to find a way to stop development - but rather to manage the change in the best way possible for the town. During our consultations you told us three things were very important to you: adequate provision of school places, GP surgeries, and retention of green space.

In order to ensure that we get a new primary school including a pre-school and healthcare facilities the Plan proposes more homes than are required by the Core Strategy. If we had limited the Plan to the Core Strategy numbers, it would severely impact on the infrastructure that could be provided and would place burdens on facilities that are already stretched. The Plan protects Bury Common as Common Land, and keeps both Castle Meadow and Riverside Meadow intact. It does propose building on greenfield land, but only on the Tickford Fields Farm sites. This site has been identified as a strategic reserve site since 2005 in the Milton Keynes Local Plan. All other development sites are brownfield sites.

We believe the Plan achieves the following:

· It gives residents the opportunity to determine our own future

· It provides the necessary infrastructure to go with new development

· It considers where there are existing deficiencies in the town

· It gives Newport Pagnell residents a better opportunity to get on the housing ladder through offering more shared ownership

· It offers more affordable housing directly to Newport Pagnell residents

· It provides a strategic rather than ad hoc direction for development and infrastructure provision.

· It considers sustainability, and provides a detailed sustainable transport plan.

Please take a little time to go through the Plan and comment. See details below. If you’re very short of time chapters 7 and 8 tell you all about what the Plan does. We really do want to hear from you.


Phil Winsor Mayor of Newport Pagnell



CLOSING DATE: 12th JULY 2015  

To read the Neighbourhood Plan click here.


To read the Neighbourhood Plan appendices click here.


To find our whether the Neighbourhood Plan is sustainable click here to see the sustainability appraisal.


To see the Condition Statement click here  

To see the Consultation Statement click here

To see the evidence base used click here 

To view the documents referred to in the evidence base click here


To complete the Consultation Survey click on the survey monkey link below.  Please place your comments in the comment box which is continuous text, although you may not be able to read all your commentary on screen. Simply keep typng until you have finished making all your comments, and we will receive them. If your comments are very long, or you prefer, you could email your comments to the Town Clerk, Shar Roselman, on TownClerk@newport-pagnell.org.uk






Please complete the Newport Pagnell Town Council Play Area Consultation. The consultation starts now and ends on 3rd July 2015.

To read details about Play Areas in Newport Pagnell click here.   

To complete the questionnaire online click on the link to surveymonkey below


Alternatively you can print out a copy of the consultation questions by clicking here, and email your answers to the Town Clerk on TownClerk@newport-pagnell.org.uk    



Silver Street will be closed between Bury Street and St John Street. 

Period of closure - Sunday 12th July from 8.00 am until 3.00 pm. 




Owing to the installation of the solar farm on Kickles Farm in Lakes Lane, the following roads will be run as one-way systems with lights for a period of 12 weeks in June from 8.30 am until 5 pm.  This is for the excavation and installation of electric cabling for the solar farm.


The roads affected are as follows: Lakes Lane, Wolverton Road, Marsh End Road, Green Park Drive and Alexandra Drive.  The works will progress along the site in phases.




Office to Rent – Newport Pagnell - £POA

Office to let in a modern community centre on the Green Park Estate, Newport Pagnell

· Main office - 117 sq ft (10.8 sq m)

· Reception – 64 sq ft (5.9 sq m)

· Cupboard – 21 sq ft (2 sq m)

· Unfurnished

· Laminate flooring to main office

· Carpeted reception and cupboard

· Double glazed windows with blinds

· Shelving and wash hand basin to cupboard

· 3 x double electric sockets and 2 x BT points

· Gas to radiator central heating

· Power, heat and light included in rent

· Business rates included in rent

· Shared toilet and kitchen facilities

· Ample free parking including visitor parking

For more information please contact Patrick Donovan at Newport Pagnell Town Council, Telephone: 01908 618756 or email deputyclerk@newport-pagnell.org.uk



Well summer is here at last, and the judges for the Britain in Bloom competition will be here on 15th July.  

We have two new competitions - the Best Front Garden Competition and the

                                                     Best Floral Display by a pub.  

You don't need to enter, but if you see us lurking around your road taking pictures of your wonderful front garden, you should know that you are in with a chance of winning the Best Front Garden competition.  If you win you will be awarded the trophy at the Horticultural Show in September.  Good luck to all.    


This year the colour scheme for the Town hanging baskets will be orange and yellow.  If anyone would like to sponsor a basket or make a donation please contact the Town Council on 01908 618756.


Donations have been received from IT Support Line Limited, John Smith, Rosalie Anne Parsons and the Newport Pagnell Rotary Club. 


For a number of years a small group of dedicated gardeners has not only improved the look of the public areas in Newport Pagnell, but has also undertaken all the administration for the Newport Pagnell in Bloom Campaign each year.  This group, lead by John Smith, must be congratulated for everything they have put into the town.  Now however, they wish to concentrate only on the physical aspects of gardening, so the Town Council has agreed to take on entry into the Britain in Bloom competition.  In 2014 the Town won a Silver Gilt award, which was no mean feat, given that rules changed and we were placed into a category with towns much larger and better funded than our own.


If you would like to find out more about the gardening group please contact the Town Council and we will be happy to give you more details. 


The Town Council has published the 5 pillars of change for a vision for Newport Pagnell.  These are:

  • Keeping and enhancing the vibrancy of the Town Centre
  • Encouraging more and better events
  • Creating further off-street parking
  • Developing the Town’s Heritage offerings
  • Expanding leisure and sporting facilities in the town.

Please tell us if you agree or disagree that the Town Vision should be built on these "pillars of change."   Email the Town Clerk on TownClerk@newport-pagnell.org.uk

If you wish to be contacted by email for Town Council news and updates pleased contact Janine Wainwright on web@newport-pagnell.org.uk