Health & Safety Sub Working Group

Terms and references:

Reporting to the Finance working group.

  • To regularly review Health and Safety across the Town Council through:
  • Working within the remit of Health and Safety legislation, Civil Contingencies Act and Corporate Manslaughter legislation.
  • Monitoring health and safety in a proactive and reactive way.
  • Accident analysis.
  • Review of health and safety policies, management systems, procedures, audits and action plans.
  • Liaising on health and safety matters with the Town Council’s Working Groups and Sub Working Groups.


  • Diane Kitchen 
  • Roger Hornblow
  • Tony Oyakhire
  • Philip Gage
  • Phil Winsor  
  • Chairman: Cllr Phil Winsor
  • Vice Chair: Cllr Roger Hornblow
  • Officer: Alison Spink