Parks and Property Management Working Group

Terms and references:

  • To look after the maintenance both internal and external of Green Park, and Portfields Community Centres including the grounds maintenance.
  • To be responsible for maintenance internal and external of 80, High Street, Newport Pagnell.
  • To develop and maintain a 5 year planned maintenance programme on all properties.
  • To manage projects funded from the earmarked reserve funds as approved by the Policy and Finance Working Group.
  • To administer all matters of the budgets in their control including the setting of hire rates.
  • To be responsible for the maintenance of the Public Conveniences, Market Hill.
  • To be responsible for the administration of the lettings and usage of community centres and 80 High Street.
  • To determine the strategy for income producing Council Assets with reference to community centres.
  • To assist in managing the ground maintenance contract alongside the allotments working group.


  • Mark Lombardo
  • Roger Hornblow
  • Richard Pearson
  • Paul Day
  • Phil Winsor 
  •  Tony Oyakhire
  • Sam Langridge 
  • Chairman: Cllr Roger Hornblow
  • Vice Chair: Phil Winsor 
  • Officers: Alison Spink and Shar Roselman