Town Planning Committee

Terms and references:

  • To review/comment on planning applications
  • To make representations where felt necessary at planning/ licensing hearings
  • To receive the minutes of the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group.
  •  To undertake heritage management.
  • To work with the Business Association
  • To liaise with the relevant authorities where required on infrastructure management.
  • To monitor and where possible resolve environmental matters with other relevant bodies.
  • To monitor and where possible resolve highways issues relating to the town with other relevant bodies.
  • To determine S106/CIL funding that may accrue to the Town of Newport Pagnell, and to make application for such funding.


  • Roger Clarke
  • Joan Sidebottom
  • Paul Day
  • Phil Winsor
  • Mark Lombardo  
  • Richard Pearson
  • Binta Bah-Pokawa
  • Chairman: Cllr P Winsor
  • Vice Chair: Cllr R Pearson
  • Officer: Patrick Donovan

Neighbourhood plan working group

Reporting to the Town Planning Management Committee

  • To master plan the Neighbourhood Plan
  • To ensure the Neighbourhood Plan is adhead to though planning policy
  • To update the Neighbour hood Plan
  • to update the Sustainable Transport Plan and the signage initiative.  


  • Ian Carman (non member)
  • Joan Sidebottom
  • Phil Winsor
  • Richard Pearson
  • Paul Alexander
  • Alan Mills (non-member)
  • Diane Kitchen
  • Steve Urwin
  • Euan Henderson
  • Chairman: Cllr Winsor
  • Vice Chair: Cllr Richard Pearson 
  • Officers: Patrick Donovan and Shar Roselman