Allotments Working Group

Terms and references:

  • To be responsible for the grounds maintenance of the 5 allotments site and the boundary fences, hedges and gates.
  • To be responsible for the tenants and the day to day running of the sites, including the Horticultural Show and to liaise with the site representatives.
  • To manage the budgets with respect to these sites, including such aspects as setting of rentals.
  • To review leased properties with respect to tenant obligations.


  • Roger Hornblow
  • Anne Butler
  • Roger Clarke
  • Richard Pearson
  • Philip GageĀ 
  • Sue Garner
  • Diane Kitchen
  • Vacancy
  • Chairman: Cllr Philip Gage
  • Vice Chair: Cllr Roger Hornblow
  • Officer: Sharon Bull